About Us

Founded in 1920, Cinemeccanica is one of the world`s pioneers in the production of Cinema equipment. The company based its own tradition on a long series of worldwide success. Leader in developing cinema technology, like projectors and sound equipment, Cinemeccanica is present in 90 countries

Since 2004, CINEMECCANICA has been involved in a re-organization process to be part of the digital cinema, with an improvement in the internal team skills and signed a long-term partnership with Barco, the digital cinema projectors worldwide leader. In the last years, CINEMECCANICA designed and produced a suite of products, named CINECLOUD, which includes the cinema server, the TMS (Theatre Management System), the videoscaler 4K and the laser light source adaptable to any DLP cinema projector.

For more information visite the site www.cinemeccanica.eu